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To my personal experience, understanding the Tax and Trade Jargons at times appear to be difficult for the common people. The books and magazines available on the market are written in a traditional and archaic way of putting up the things. It is felt that even the simplest of the concepts are made purposely difficult to understand. Aim of https://mytaxviews.in  is to alleviate that pricking pain for the commoners like me and you.

This blog i.e, mytaxviews is in essence, the compilation of my own perspective on a variety of aspects relating to taxation in India.

To expand a bit, this is about how taxation is levied and collected by Indian Govt.  This is also about the articulating the constitutional provisions of taxation in the most simple way possible. And a step ahead, this is also about defining the taxpayers rights and relaxations thereof within well laid provisions.

For the sake of brevity, the blog would encompass the matters of indirect taxes in the beginning. But, as the blog progresses, other dimensions of the taxation system would be incorporated. You may like to stay tuned.


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